Address: Aptdo. 140 Atlacomulco, Edo de Mexico C. P. 50450 Mexico
Phone: 011-52-712-123-5462  Email: 

The Mission Mazahua is about sixty miles northwest of Mexico City in the state of Mexico. It is at an altitude of about 10,000 feet above sea level. Set in a rural green valley amidst the towering sierras, the mission is at the heart of the land of the Mazahua people.
1. Leave Toluca, take Paseo Tollocan and follow the road signs to Atlacomulco-Morelia by way of the toll highway. You can save some time on the road toward the Toluca Airport and Via Lopez Portillo.

2. Take the exit at Ixtlahuaca (to the left of the bridge – don’t take the bridge) at km. 33 of the highway to Atlacomulco. Here look for the main road and the highway to San Felipe del Progreso.

3. Don’t turn off for the Centro Ceremonial Mazahua. (Many people by mistake take this way, which is 15 kilometers higher in the mountains.)

4. The Mazahua Mission is on the Ixtlahuaca-San Felipe highway at km. 23 and between the towns of Emilio Portes Gil and Dolores Hidalgo. It’s easy to make it,
even though the road is full of topes (speed bumps). There are about 22 topes between Ixtlahuaca and the mission.

It takes about an hour and forty-five minutes from the Cuajimalpa tollbooth. Remember that this is a toll road.