There is also a very long history behind the academic and training offered by Misión Mazahua. Since 1978 we had several young Mazahua students living at the hacienda with us in order to study in nearby schools. That first budding support to students grew into the Scholarship and Discipleship Program, giving financial aid, and including students in weekly work-study activities at the hacienda.

Starting in 1998 several academic attempts were made from the center, Las Rosas—Open High School , the program of INEA (Instituto Nacional de Educación para Adultos), the establishment of a Community Plaza and finally the establishment of a center for Colegio de Bachilleres with at distance studies via computer in order to secure a high school level education. The Colegio de Bachilleres together with the program of INEA, scholarships, discipleship, and work study option have been under the direction of Elizabeth Cortés Ríos, director of Excelencia Mazahua, and her husband, Joiarib Ortiz since 2010. In addition to the academic studies, most of the students participate in some training program in a productive area such as designing and sewing, sand-blasting in ceramics, stained glass, etc.

There are currently 25 students participating in this program and 13 of these students are in high school, eight are in secondary school and four with physical and mental disabilities are learning how to read and write.