The model for establishing pastors in the Mazahua churches has been mainly the assignation of the first believers as the shepherds of the flock in each village since the time of the first budding congregations over 50 years ago. There were no Bible schools available, no formal training, and in many cases the new pastors, new to their faith, did not even have an elementary school education, although most knew how to read and write. Some learned these skills through the Bible itself in their hunger to follow Jesus. Misión Mazahua seeing this great need to prepare Christian workers began Pastoral Studies Ministries to many Mazahua Christian workers offering direction in Christian studies and also the opportunity to obtain academic studies since the 1980s.

For the past years the Comunidad Teológica from Mexico City has led classes for our ministry students every first Wednesday of the month at the installations of the hacienda. Misión Mazahua has also participated with two independent church Bible schools in the valley.