Norberto and Lisa Cortés established Misión Mazahua in 1978 in the Hacienda de Tepetitlan, once headquarters of the patrón who kept the Mazahuans as serfs working his vast holdings and is located at the hub of the region occupied by the Mazahua Indians.

The mission’s primary goal is to provide spiritual, physical, and financial support for the area’s indigenous people.

This work began over 40 years ago and continues to evolve as the needs change for both the mission and the population it serves.

Norberto and Lisa insist that providing social services without the Gospel is not enough; equally, that Gospel witness must also transform people’s lives. Norberto is a visionary and a full-time exhorter, a blur of constant motion towards transformative goals. Lisa, a farm girl from Ohio, keeps a slightly lower profile, moving with grace through the countryside, weaving a fabric of enduring friendships.




Founder and Director